LG launches new version of open source WebOS system to increase the adoption rate of the system


You may not remember much about WebOS now, but remained the company LG is working on this system a few years ago. In fact, I have the LG company to include this system in the Smart TV, and many of its devices to the smart home, including smart refrigerators, and other products. Now, the company is LG that this organization has become ready to move on to post-television, this is why they announced the launch of version open-source WebOS, which bear the name of the webOS Open Source Edition today.

Was HP the first company to try her luck with the operating system to open source WebOS in 2011. Unfortunately, attempts to HP failed to offer the American company eventually sold the operating system of this LG which changed the name from PalmOS to WebOS in 2013.

Company has adopted LG’s first WebOS TV its smart, since then the company has continued the South Korean to promote the possibilities of this operating system. On this subject, stated the head of the technology section at LG, Mr. DR. I. P. Park, said : ” I cut the WebOS has come a long way since then, and now the platform has become mature, stable and ready to move on to post-television “.

Aim LG by launching the webOS Open Source Edition rely more on this operating system in tablet devices and the reception in addition to other smart devices. Became system webOS Open Source Edition is now available to the public on the site http://webosose.org. Developers can head to the aforementioned link to determine the source code for free. They will also find tools, manuals and forums related to the site when they start working with version open-source of this system.


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