LG joins the Fair Trade Commission Korean in their knowledge of the legal proceedings against Qualcomm

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Joined the company LG to a lawsuit by the Fair Trade Commission Korean $ 1.03 trillion won, or the equivalent of $ 915 million dollars to Qualcomm, in a new escalation of its availability the chipmaker electronic America after the ongoing proceedings in China.

The Fair Trade Commission Korean has imposed a fine on Qualcomm in 2016 the misuse of its patents. However, did not accept the Qualcomm it has filed suit administrative. Then joined the other companies to the lawsuit, including third-party companies, such as Apple and Intel meet and Huawei.

Referred to to Samsung, despite being of the local companies that joined the lawsuit earlier, they entered into a license agreement for patents with Qualcomm in early this year, then withdrew from the lawsuit.

The withdrawal of Samsung to undermine the position of the Fair Trade Commission Korean in the lawsuit. But is expected to strengthen the participation of LG in the commission to its position in the lawsuit.

Industry watchers say that the reason for the accession of the LG to the legal battle against Qualcomm due to its negotiations with the maker of the chips, the US is not going well.

And even now, held the Fair Trade Commission and Qualcomm 11 hearing and since October of last year. It will take several years until the court issues the final verdict.

The gate Arab News Technical LG join the Fair Trade Commission Korean in its battle against legal Qualcomm

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