LG joins the Fair Trade Commission Korean conflict judicial system with Qualcomm

LG V40 ThinQ

Is LG the latest manufacturer of smartphones and join the Fair Trade Commission Korean well-known acronym in the name of KFTC and other companies in a lawsuit filed against Qualcomm. Despite the withdrawal of Samsung, which did not have any impact on the lawsuit, except that the position of the new LG promotes a State Fair Trade Commission Korean, particularly to LG company of Korea.

According to the source specialized in train in South Korea, it seems that LG chose to participate in the legal efforts against Qualcomm because of the fragile negotiations between LG and Qualcomm in the United States of America.

Led the legal battle continuing for Qualcomm with Apple recently about the ban of iPhones in China and probably in Germany as well. And Qualcomm that Apple used without permission part two subsidiary of Qualcomm. Include organs affected many models of iPhone starting from the iPhone 6S to arrive to the iPhone X with the knowledge that there’s also a possibility that is blocking the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR as well in China.

Slap the Fair Trade Commission Korean company Qualcomm a fine of $ 917.4 million USD due to abuse of the patent in 2016. Since Qualcomm did not agree to pay that fine, it has raised the Fair Trade Commission of the Korean KFTC filed a lawsuit against Qualcomm to implement them then both the Apple and MediaTek, Intel, Huawei and Samsung, but the company decided to Samsung at a later time to withdraw from the case after you signed an agreement to license patents with Qualcomm.

Still Qualcomm, the commission fair trade Korean after years of access to the final decision.

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