LG is working on a new phone is equipped with a 16 rear camera

إل جي تعمل على هاتف جديد مزود بـ 16 كاميرا خلفية

It seems that the company “LG” Korean well-known in the industry of electronic devices around the world may begin a new era in the smart phone industry, as the leading company, they like to add new features to its phones mesh screens, three-dimensional operating without a system to phones with the body curved and the other of the mutations that were the source of the Korean race in provided in the world of smartphones commercially on a large scale, whether successful or not.

It seems that the visual Department of the company works on a new challenge which is the production of a smart phone with about 16 camera lens wallpaper distributor in the form of a Matrix “The Matrix”, the company has received already early this week on a patent and registration of the American office of patents and trademarks “USPTO” the thing that underlines the seriousness of the company in this race.

Vkamirat smartphones with two back has now become a thing recognized even in the categories Phones economic medium so the leading companies on some of the new inventions in order to distinguish itself from the other companies in the market the smart phones especially the categories that are available have experienced a great competition the last period with the entry of some Chinese companies to the market which offers quality and high specifications at competitive prices, Pushing some of the leading companies such as Samsung in some developing markets to change its own pricing policy in the economic categories medium in order to give yourself a chance to compete especially after the car semi-full of companies like Shawnee andHuawei on this market.

إل جي تعمل على هاتف جديد مزود بـ 16 كاميرا خلفية

As for the additional features that you might expect in a camera of a new phone after providing him at 16 lens background according to the patent, it is supposed to be providing the possibility of capturing images with a camera mono only or using all the lenses with at one time, which provides different angles for the same image with the possibility within those images together or choose between them in addition to the possibility of stereoscopic photography the different angles as something more like filming three-dimensional industry models mini things.

It is known that the addition of the lens again cameras cell phones and has been credited with improving some of the characteristics of photography such as property cell isolation and providing a characteristic optical zoom better.

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