LG is withdrawing from the smartphone market in the Philippines, according to a new report

LG G7 ThinQ 9878

Use LG to unveil its first smartphone compatible with the 5G at Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 to be held in Barcelona, Spain late next February. Moreover, will the South Korean company also in this event detects her smart phone rollaway. It seems these things are great, but it seems that these two phones won’t arrive to all the countries, has released today a new report says that LG will continue its operations in the Philippines.

According to one source in the Philippines who spoke to one of the executives in the company LG, has been shut down all business for the South Korean company associated with mobile devices in the country. It was a flagship phone last who arrived to the Philippines is the LG G7 ThinQ, this means that the LG phone V40 ThinQ I didn’t find his way to the country. There is no official confirmation yet, but if LG have decided to do it actually, it seems that the miracle of this brand in the Philippines will not be able to buy smartphones and the company’s future only if it starts a resource of the third party to import into the country, but usually what causes this to raise prices.

It was a section of smart phones in LG is struggling lately, which is the only department in the company which consists of the losses. We can only hope that new management would succeed in improving the conditions of this section and return it to the residence profits from a new.


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