LG is preparing to launch a smart phone called 5G in 2019

Announced that communications company of America Sprint about its collaboration with LG to launch first smart phone supports 5G in the United States.

In the image published by the American company shows that the phone is coming during the first half of 2019, on to know about the specifications of the Launch Date of the phone later.

And the company announcement Sprint also LG Korea intends to launch the smartphone supports networks of the fifth generation early next year, so may be highlight the advantages of a flagship phone coming from the company is to support this feature.

It is expected that this phone supports LG modem X50 announced by Qualcomm in February last, and the speed of Internet by 5 GB, coupled with the modem and X24 which supports the speed of 2 Gbit.

It is obvious that the phone supports the 5G requires a network communications infrastructure that supports the fifth generation, which is initiated by the company to Sprint earlier this year, as it announced that 6 major US cities will be ready for networks of the fifth generation of 5G in the next year.

Do you expect to occur phones fifth generation 5G a paradigm shift in the smartphone market? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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