LG is preparing to launch a phone of its flagship G8 with additional screen

إل جي تستعد لإطلاق هاتفها الرائد G8 مع شاشة إضافية

Working LG Korea to return to the interests of the major companies in the smartphone market after a significant decline during the past years, and while he was focused recently on the V series … the latest V40, which came with five cameras, now working on back to the safety of its leading basic G launch phone G8 with different.

According to the website CNet, LG will launch a new phone in the Congress of the phones world in Barcelona next month, this phone will come with an extra screen that could be connected to the device individually to increase the size of the basic screen, but the phone will not be collapsible to provide this feature it will provide the possibility to link the screen as an attachment.

While it did not clarify the source of the way things are going for the person attached, but apparently they will be closer to the way Motorola Muda, where Motorola accessories external identity of the target allows to increase the accuracy of the camera or raise the sound or even the speed of the connection.

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