LG is planning to launch a tablet featuring a keyboard relating to see the device

Revealed the latest leaks about the plans of LG the next to launch a new tablet features a design without frames, with a detachable keyboard on the device as it relates to wireless.


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The company LG one of the companies that are still keen to push new versions of the medium category of tablet devices, and a new company is planning to release a new version of the tablet with a design without frames, also includes keyboard and connecting wirelessly to the device.

The consensus is that LG revenues from the sales of tablet devices – the category expected to continue to release new versions, in spite of the great diversity faced by the company with the spread of each of the devices Apple tablet iPad, along with Samsung devices in the market.

On the other hand spotted a patented LG in the tablet which has been recorded recently in the KIPO, where he obtained approval in the 14 of the month of December, as the back of the device the tablet separately in the patent for the keyboard, however, the projections indicate that it will users as an integrated package.


I know of

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