LG inflict race phones folding brilliantly my invention

We know that Samsung already equipped for folding this year as the Galaxy X, which we don’t know exactly when will be released but probably late this year. Not Samsung is the only company that is working on a foldable phone company LG also seems that they plan to issue the devices folding.

The company said LG’s patented device the tablet is folded to turn into a phone, to now on the best New two representing each new idea for folding.

It offers the first design having a foldable phone with two cameras in each screen of the two screens, in addition to having a button in the back of one of the two screens which are connected with the separate which it is possible to know the date and time etc. The design is undoubtedly strange, and seem for a product will be released even if happened, it’s probably not the ideas that are supposed to represent the beginning for phones collapsible.

The second design is probably a better idea than the first it seems realistic, it offers the design of the second foldable phone screen, and it is that in the case is folded inside the folds the phone inside. only – leave a space not covered which may have been developed in order to feature Always On Display or a permanent screen display.

LG did a lot of bold ideas by, the issuing company phones are around to back then, the company has issued and also the phones are adjustable, but the idea did not notice a lot of buyers to stop also. In addition, LG is already of the best tea manufacturers in world and the best of the research that is conducted to evaluate new, so it’s possible to believe it of now mm photo powerful Samsung if I can access product work.

And I LG from the said special sales by air discharged despite the quality of phones and their ability to compete, which probably owes its selection to the forecasts and launch plans, advertising that put. On the other side of the house, or see a new series of LG where Will my G series will not see the G7, but we’ll see a phone in the RAID will get a new name altogether.

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  1. I honor the logic in this post, although I would like to see more writing in this vein from you in time

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