LG hint at the launch of a new generation of devices that work gestures at MWC 2019

Publishing company LG clip trailer hint at where to launch the device works gestures instead of touch during the mobile world for the year 2019.

The video shows that does not exceed 13 seconds a message saying “goodbye to” in a sign that the company is planning to launch a new device called the “LG Premiere” during the Mobile World MWC 2019 in the next month, which will depend entirely on gestures instead of touch.

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This is not the first time that I brought the LG the function of gestures within its organs, in 2013, allow LG users to control TV LG via their hands and use their fingers to control a cursor on the screen.

We don’t know yet whether this device will come in the name of “LG Premiere” or by another name, all you have to do is wait until February 24th to see what will be his LG.


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