LG Display will supply Apple with OLED for phone iPhone X Plus

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Invested Apple recently around us $ 2.7 billion in the company LG Display to assist in the manufacture of OLED displays for iPhone coming this year, and now it seems that Apple has started to reap the benefits of this investment, or at least will try to do so in the near future.

According to a new report released today from China, it appears that Apple is planning to make LG is the second company that will increase its screen OLED after Samsung. And, apparently, will be the company LG Display shipment between 2 and 4 million OLED screen for Apple initially, but this number represents only a small percentage of phones iPhone, which will Apple ship this year. So, you will see LG on the production of only 20 percent of OLED displays requested by Apple, when will Samsung produce the remaining.

Say sources close to the situation that the company LG Display want to play a bigger role, but it is not willing to meet the full demand for OLED screens. It is believed that the company LG Display will be OLED screens phone iPhone X Plus which will be released later this year with a screen with a diameter of 6.5 inches.

However, there is still some debate in the Main to Apple about whether it should also depend on the company LG Display for OLED screens or whether we should rely only on the Samsung as it did last year with the iPhone X. If LG is able to meet requests, this will give Apple some leverage to negotiate on price with Samsung as well as reduce the reliance on this South Korean company.


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