LG company will stop manufacturing its smart phones in South Korea

LG V35 ThinQ --

Think LG to stop manufacturing smartphones in its plant in South Korea, at least according to a recent report from news agency Reuters. The report further states that LG company will transfer manufacturing process to its interests in Vietnam.

This information comes originally from a source not to disclose his name speaking to news agency Yonhap News Agency, and tell her that this move is intended to help the company LG to reduce the manufacturing cost and the Department of smart phones in the company to the right track after the shadow of bleeding money over the past few years.

In fact, this information does not seem surprising. Smart phones of the company LG receive a response to the lukewarm increasingly so in recent years has been Chinese companies eat the market share of the South Korean company over the past few years at the time that didn’t make it to revolutionize the market. Phone LG G8 ThinQ latest from the company is considered one of the leading smartphones new the least impressive although the efficiency of his technique.

Doesn’t seem that LG is leaving the smartphone market completely in any time soon, but they may opt out of some markets in the foreseeable future.


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