LG announces the development of a partner artificial intelligence with smart home devices

The company announced the LG for the development partner to the global brain aims to support smart home devices in the coming period, with the improvement of the performance of the data processing in these devices.

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Use LG support army list of smart home devices with its own in partner artificial intelligence, which the company started developing, where you have to slide with your LG the nervous system which comes built-in the chip which is the processing unit, the artificial intelligence that depend on the deep learning algorithm that will improve the efficiency of data processing.

It is planned that supports this chip technology artificial intelligence visual which can not perceive the surrounding community, and the dimensions of the space, and objects to the side of the people, by the last technology artificial intelligence voice to perceive the ambient noise and distinguish them from the user’s voice.

You can also buy the artificial intelligence that is developed from the LG to work the data collection video and audio content to discern changes in user behavior and then offer suggestions to support the user according to the position and which was realized.

Also scheduled to work provided the AI to protect the smart devices even in the absence of her connection to the internet, where the engine works safety in the slide on the protection of data and private information to the product.

Featuring a slide also with a particularly dark image, image processing also and minimize any interference for in order to support the production of images of the highest brightness and clearly even with low lighting.

Recall that LG is planning to integrate the bar of artificial intelligence in the next generation of its devices to smart appliances, including washing machines, smart refrigerators, smart, automation products and pneumatic components, as LG continues to push the bar of artificial intelligence for brands and companies in the coming period.


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