LG announces the biggest flat screen size 88 inches

It was not long 2018 to start and I started with it ads excitement and thrill of the latest Delivery technology, the company launched LG announcing a near version of the biggest flat screen in the world, you will come screen size of 88 inches, screen type OLED will be the first screen also come strictly 8k is the highest resolution can’t reach the flat-screen before.

When prevailed 4k and HDR in the global market, ambition was the giant manufacturing technology, the Korean company LG is going in another direction, to decipher its goal the manufacture of the first OLED screen accuracy to 8k which is what the company has to decide the truth, and did not stop her ambition at that, but managed to achieve both at the same time, the OLED will be the first of its kind in terms of accuracy and size, The size of the screen will be 88 inches.

Has a leading technology industries LG advertise these specifications only, and has not announced any other specifications related to features screen or the characteristics that support it, announced LG for to all the details of your company will be advertised through its participation in the technology fair CES next.

And the company is even now as interesting and exciting for the fans and flat-screen giant, the model that has been put up his photo wasn’t the real model but a simulation to the screen, also did not ask the police videos shows how will be the resolution of the display with a resolution of 8k which is the first of its kind in all screens.

In the past, the screen resolution of the OLED arrived in the latest and greatest size 77 inches, and increase the quality of the screen display for 4k, and issued a lot of international brands flat-screen TV of the same size and the same resolution, such as Panasonic, and Sony, but the company has not announced any other version screen size and the accuracy with which announced by LG, so what would be the situation with the increase of the 11-inch and double the resolution of the display?

Of course you will experience extremely in the enjoyment of the customer to the fullest extent, the Eastern Partnership LG great balance of creations in the field of flat screens, it was one of the first companies that issued the flat screen of LED type and LED down a passage for OLED precision, has received all versions of the company’s large turnout on the purchase of them, are characterized by LG for its high quality products and affordable prices at the same time.

You can now imagine the feel of the screen with ultra-soft, and its thickness extremely accurate, support the screen to its multi such as networks, wireless communication, support Bluetooth, support for running apps and games, while waiting for the official announcement of the ask screen market, to know more about the specifications and price, and how will enjoy the best experience for Home Cinema LG.

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