LG announces speakers soundbar new SL10YG, the SL9YG and also SL8YG

Announced LG today announced the new versions of the speakers and a soundbar, where it all comes from SL10YG, the SL9YG and also SL8YG with the assistant of Google’s hypothetical.


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Come Series the new LG speakers soundbar before the launch of CES for the year 2019 in the month of January, featuring new releases the highest quality audio offered by LG today in collaboration with the Meridian Audio.

It also comes devices-speaker soundbar with a merge of the two channels to produce the sound characteristic without any interference points higher, as technology supports Meridian in improvements and audio production clearly, as well as supporting the magnifier all of the technology, Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X. And also allow these versions to use the speakers of the radio in the background to support the sound experience of the film stereoscopic.

Also supports LG all of SL10YG, the SL9YG and also SL8YG Assistant Google default, to support voice commands in a speaker new.


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