LG announces new features for the camera to come of the updated version of her phone V30

LG is planning to launch a new version of its phone flagship LG V30 to compensate the losses of the Department of portable devices, which amounted to about 219 million dollars.

In the wake of the information that LG has halted all operations, the current development of a successor phone to its flagship LG G6, tentatively called the LG G7, they are now re-examining the project from the ground up, reports emerged from South Korea indicate that they plan to display the new model of its smartphone flagship LG V30, so that it calls this new version the name of the LG V30+ α or LG V30+ Alpha.

Now, you know, the South Korean company for some of the features that will be included in this version of the device, which comes after the research has lasted for more than a year in relation to the solutions adopted on artificial intelligence, which aims to provide a unique experience and more intuitive to the user, with a major focus on the possibility of voice recognition and.

According to the announcement, the next version of the phone LG V30 will include the features of the vision and health of the Treaty on artificial intelligence, so that the feature can vision element analysis automatically to provide recommendations on the best position to take pictures, which is something like what you’re doing Huawei in phones Mate 10 Mate 10 Pro, and the LG The this feature take several factors into account, such as viewing angle, color reflection, lighting, background and saturation levels, along with recommendations through the 8 modes of capture available.

With regard to this water has shown LG that they worked with a partner that specializes in voice recognition for the analysis of more than 100 million images to adjust the image recognition algorithms within the phone, reaching to over a thousand algorithm analysis unique, as this feature can scan QR codes QR, along with the possibility to optimize the settings automatically increase the brightness when taking pictures in low light conditions.

As for the audio feature of the Treaty on artificial intelligence, the LG with Google to provide voice commands exclusive to the digital assistant, Google Account, and Google has released in the last world 23 is voice phones LG, which will increase to 32 a command, so that there are 9 orders a new voice will reach for the first time via the new version of the phone to V30, which focus once on the operating conditions the new camera.


Source: LG announces new features for the camera to come of the updated version of her phone V30

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