LG and regulatory bodies stand against the position of Qualcomm to stop the decision of the authority antitrust


Subject to Qualcomm control by the governing body of antitrust in the United States for being using its dominant position in the patent the basic design of processors and the chips were like the market. And, apparently, has no Qualcomm no plans to undergo the demands addressed to him, prompting LG to file a complaint to the federal court in San Jose, California.

The company claims the South Korean company Qualcomm postpone its commitment to the decisions of the court so you can deal unfair to other with the company LG. The South Korean company backed by the Federal Trade Commission of America, had reported that the public interest to allow the operationalization of rule of antitrust, otherwise, it can take the appeal years before reaching any decision.

Use of these claims on a resolution issued last month asked Qualcomm to make changes to their business transactions of non-granting of products, tortillas, companies only after the signing of a license deal with the company, so as to stop its market processors the chips were.

Qualcomm has said that they will be appealing this decision because the decision entails a radical restructuring of its relations business in ways impossible to reverse it if he wins the appeal. However, the company reported LG in her complaint submitted to the Inter-American court it is dependent on Qualcomm for the chips of the season and that the American company is putting pressure on them to sign a deal licensing the patents to a new note that the current license will expire on the 30th day of the month of June.


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