Less 15 a smartphone emit radiation weak


Is radiation of the big problems I notice smart devices, and their impact on human health, where to monitor website statistics statista American group of data that got from database the Union of the German radiation protection, which includes all smart phones, including the level of radiation you emit, where the phone was the Sony Xperia M5 is less phone radiation at a rate of 0.14 W/kg.

Although there is no evidence to my world, to the level of “safe” from the radiation from smart phones, only that some bodies are adopting phones that shoot radiation less than 0.60 W/kg, and below we show a list of the top smartphones version of radiation as follows:

** Less phones version of radiation:

– Phone Sony Xperia M5 .. the rays of 0.14.

-Galaxy Note 8.. The Incredible rays of 0.17.

-Galaxy S6 edge, plus I believe the rays of 0.22.

-Google px XL.. incredible rays of 0.25.

-Rekha the S8 plus I believe the rays of 0.26.

-Galaxy S7 edge, I believe the rays of 0.26.

– Phone ZTE Blade A910.. incredible rays of 0.27.

-LG phone Q6 .. inform his of 0.28.

-Rekha A5 version 2016.. incredible rays of 0.29.

– Motorola MOTO G5 plus I believe the rays of 0.30.

-Motorola MOTO Z .. incredible rays of 0.30

– Phone ZTE Blade A610 I believe the rays 0.31

-Nokia Lumia 535 .. incredible rays of 0.32.

-Rekha S8 I believe the rays of 0.32

– Google pix .. incredible rays of 0.33.

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