Lesion after a stroke has helped scientists understand how the brain distinguishes between color

Despite the availability of more advanced medical technology and techniques, much of our body is still unexplored. One of the biggest mysteries remains the brain. Of course, the General principles of operation and functioning of the main organ of the Central nervous system, but some details are still not fully understood. And recently, a team of surgeons from France have been able to understand how the brain distinguishes between color. And this helped them quite rare CNS.

Scientists are still not completely understood how our brain interpreterpath color

But first, let’s get into the essence of how we actually distinguish colours? Have you ever thought about why identifying, say, yellow, we call it that way. Yes, you can say that it’s just our own name, which is used in order to better understand the world around us. And here we come to a very interesting thought: the names of flowers and their recognition by the brain are independent from each other region. Which nevertheless somehow connected. Incidentally, scientists also claim that the brain needs to be trained regularly, giving him new information. This is perfect our news Telegram-channel.

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To detect this relationship (or, at least, suggest “where to look”) French neurosurgeons from the hospital Salpetriere in Paris has not been very pleasant incident. One of the admitted to hospital patients suffered a stroke in the left hemisphere of the brain, after which on the spot a stroke remained relatively small area of the lesion. It almost had no effect on the neurological status of the patient except for one thing: he lost the ability to name individual colors (in this case red, blue and green) and name color of objects if they were the corresponding colour. However, a more deep testing, the person retains the ability to distinguish between shades of the same color and the difference between the colors. That is, he could distinguish colors, but could not name them.

In fact, we perceive the color as “continuous”. That is no sharp boundary between, say, red and blue. And yet, conceptually, we group the colors into categories associated with the names of colors, says neurosurgeon Paolo Bartolomeo from the hospital Salpetriere, one of the authors of the work. It is assumed that the categorization of colors depends on the outgoing signal from the linguistic system to the visual cortex. It is believed that the color names are stored in the left hemisphere of the brain and depend on the language activity in the left part of the brain. However, the new data support recent neuroimaging studies, suggesting that colour categorisation is distributed in the human brain bilateral.

Estimated location areas are responsible for recognition of colors

Therefore, the doctors concluded that the perception of color and assigning him a certain title — this is a very small interconnected processes. Our brain itself is “invented” how to build a link between the color of the object and its name. In favor of this statement says also that the patient retained ability to name and distinguish between white, black and gray. This means that the systems responsible for the recognition of these colors and shades can be in a completely different part of the brain.

Finally, in order to ensure that the patient’s response is not associated with abnormalities in the brain, the researchers compared the functioning of unaffected areas of a patient’s brain with the functioning of the same brain regions in healthy people. As a result, the authors of the study found no significant differences in the structure of the Central nervous system of the subjects.

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