Lens Google up to the iPhone or iPad

عدسة جوجل تصل الى الايفون والايباد
Lens Google up to the iPhone or iPad

Lens Google up to the iPhone or iPad

Technology Google smartphone (Google Lens) which became available to millions of phones Android cross-application of Google health, it looks like she’ll find her way soon to the iPhone or iPad .

If you have a phone iPad or tablet the iPad, installed on any of them recent version of the application of the photo Google (Google Photos) , you will technology lenses Google within the next few days.

The update was sent today to payouts, don’t get upset if you don’t find it immediately.

How it works lens Google

This technique was exclusive to phones pixels only , which is about Service Intelligence industrial offered by Google to help identify the details of any image.

And Google this technique through the help of its voice for a number of the flagship phones of Samsung, Huawei, LG and others.


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