Lenovo unveils first version of augmented reality glasses ThinkReality A6

Lenovo recently announced the first release of augmented reality glasses ThinkReality A6 which depends in its work on safety computing focuses on the system running Android Oreo.

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The intervention of the Chinese giant now in competition in the market of augmented reality glasses in the coming period, where the company unveiled the first version of augmented reality glasses ThinkReality A6 that work with Intel Movidius come by Lumus optical waveguide.

Dependent system of ThinkReality A6 in its work on the call box computing, based on the operating system Android Oreo and puts the system chip Snapdragon processor 845, where you can install this system in the belt of the user to call for a by-wire.

And the weight of the system. ThinkReality A6 to 380 grams, and supports a viewing angle of 40 degrees, as it comes each hand of the control to accurately display 1080 pixel resolution, as well as includes glasses camera RGB accurately 13 mega pixel camera, along with the two cameras fish-eye.

No system Lenovo ThinkReality A6 is a strong competitor with these specifications for the software giant Microsoft HoloLens 2, which depends on the processor chip Snapdragon 850, and supports a viewing angle of 52 degrees.

From another side comes the control system in the system of ThinkReality A6 through gestures or a focused consideration of specific points, also supports system control via 3DoF, also rely on communication via Wi-Fi only.

System of ThinkReality A6 augmented reality also come with headphones built into the side of the speakers built in the sky, as confirmed by Lenovo that supports the age of charging up to 4 hours.


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