Lenovo unveiling officially on-ear headphones wireless Lenovo Thinkplus Pods One


Buy the Lenovo computers laptops, desktops, phones, smart fairly. However, it seems that Lenovo is looking forward to enter the fish market as well. And stated that, the company recently detects wireless headphones new for Lenovo Thinkplus Pods One, a fish that looks like it is designed for fitness enthusiasts.

Thanks to the fact that these headphones have a rating of IPX5, which means it will be water resistant to a certain degree which makes them resistant to. For painting sashes existing in the earpiece, it should help in keeping it in place when working or passing the condenser.

Include other features on the earplugs of various sizes, we hope to allow users to find the most appropriate means. Features these headphones also battery age up to 10 hours without Bluetooth 5.0. These headphones are available in two different colors, namely black and red.

As for the price, the Lenovo pricing of these headphones by about 299 Chinese Yuan Renminbi equivalent of US $ 44 almost. Unfortunately, the launch of these headphones in the China only at the moment, so we don’t know whether Lenovo will be launching also in the global markets or not.


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