Lenovo ThinkPad P1 — a mobile workstation with CPU Core i9 and the housing with a thickness of 18.4 mm

Workstations is a very specific solution. Often they are based on server processors and a professional graphics card. And it’s not in the parameters of these CPU and GPU, and the software, which is very different from the software for conventional consumer products.

Mobile workstations are often comparable gaming laptops. They are thick, heavy and not particularly portable. But Lenovo ThinkPad P1 — from another test. It is actually a workstation based on the ThinkPad X1.

With 15-inch screen then the dimensions of 361, 8 x 245,7 x 18.4 mm and weight 1.7 kg. while there may be a six-core CPU Intel Core i9 or even some of the models of Xeon. For graphics you can select Quadro or Quadro P1000 P2000, and in the absence of the need for such solutions is to buy modification without discrete adapter.

RAM can be up to 64 GB (Hello, MacBook Pro), and the storage can reach 4 TB. The screen then IPS Full HD resolution with 100% coverage color space sRGB. For a fee you can take a 4K panel, and even touch. Also the laptop will appreciate the Bluetooth adapter 5.0, a pair of ports USB-C with support for Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 a pair (again MacBook Pro). Of course, there is the fingerprint scanner. The battery capacity is 80 W·h Completes the picture of the carbon fiber case and certificate MIL-SPEC. Price is fully consistent with the class of 1950 dollars.

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