Lenovo S5 Pro — is a typical medium, but with a claim on fotosmoralo

Lenovo today introduced the smartphone S5 Pro, which recently teased the public. In particular, the very first teaser post hinted at the fact that the novelty will receive the main camera with four modules.

But, as in the case of the model Z5, Lenovo is quite blatantly cunning. Model S5 Pro really got four cameras, only the total: dual core and the same front.

With them and begin. So, in the main module we have a sensor resolution of 12 and 20 MP. The second is the telephoto. In front camera sensors have a resolution of 20 and 8 MP. Lenovo did the emphasis on the camera, so maybe for the money to remove the smartphone would be good.

As for the other parameters, the novelty has a screen Full HD diagonal of 6.2 inches, SoC Snapdragon 636, 6 GB RAM, 64 GB of flash memory and BATT 3500 mA·h. Also note the body thickness of 7.7 mm and USB C. And all this at a price of $ 190.

By the way, the settings are very similar with the same Z5, as well as price.

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