Lenovo reveal a system of enhanced reality give your computer more of the screen

Lenovo reveal a system of enhanced reality give your computer more of the screen

Revealed Lenovo system new augmented reality targeting the users of personal computers, who can use it to see the many courses of action.

The company explained to the Chinese that he can use a system of augmented reality for its users privacy visually while working in public places, in addition to the option to see several screens at the same time.

Instead of trying to create a fundamentally new system for all or a group of applications, you want the police to be able to users of personal computers to access work applications, and social networking websites, and gaming software that they own already, but the inside of the glasses with as needed.

Lenovo reveal a system of enhanced reality give your computer more of the screen

Did not reveal about Lenovo full specifications of the system yet, but they seem to include the three front cameras, support lens prescriptions, and to connect to the laptop. In a video clip, view the Lenovo System control, it works with a computer needs the ninth generation of processors Intel Core i7, card graphics GeForce GTX, i.e., it may require a computer with specs high.

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Referred to the Lenovo is not the first in harnessing augmented reality technology, as companies tried competition before, such as: Microsoft, and(Magic Leap) Magic Leap, the development of entirely new platforms depends entirely on the augmented reality glasses, but those glasses need to buy a new computer specs are high to take advantage of the capabilities of the glasses, while I tried other companies, such as Qualcomm, and(net) Nreal focus on solutions that connect to smart phones and can be used everywhere. The system of the Lenovo it seems to narrow the scope of the movement of the user and his dignity, focused largely on the use cases simpler.

This; he did not know Lenovo about the price or the launch date of the system of the augmented reality new, but its presentation this week at the exhibition in China. Previously, the company marketed solutions augmented reality-based movie Star Wars Star Wars kids-oriented, in addition to the system of virtual reality (Mirage Solo in R) Mirage Solo VR that use newly for medical applications for children.

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