Lenovo patented device screen tablet folding

Under acceleration technical for the upcoming era of private technology devices folding is detected to provide Lenovo a request to register a patent for your tablet foldable screen allow the possibility of using his book had a full or half-size to taste as reported by the site Windows Latest.

According to the source, the application for registration of a patent has been presented by the company in December 2017 almost a year ago to Lenovo of application of the idea differently from what era we offer models for folding as happened on special occasions phones over the past years.

He did not explain whether the device will be running Android or Windows, but probably will be a version with Android depending on the decision of Microsoft tostop supporting Windows phones in December 2019, as explained Lenovo in the section description of the device that will come with the change in the fair to combine flat left and right to show in tablet and can be folded to become a size suitable to put in the pocket with the groove into account that its full size would be smaller than tablet devices regular.

Can be expected the extent of the challenges faced by companies in the industry of hardware folding for the show is perfect, however, the consumer view of the gap formed by the process of folding flat the device in case you want to use it as a phone screen Dual; which leaves a negative impact on its external appearance so the internal components don’t, which of course is reflected on the overall performance of the device.

Also please note that the registration of a patent does not mean categorically to convert it to a product of the fact, however, the consumer may will a design you want the police respect the rights of possession until the opportunity arises to produce it.

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