Lenovo officially launches Store games Lenovo Legion Game Store


The company announced the Lenovo last week that it will establish a shop of its own on the Internet games computers. Will also be used to store Lenovo Legion Game Store to provide the possibility of a new gaming experience for some players. This new store is part of the brand’s Legion launched by the company several years ago which borrowed heavily on personal computers directed at the players. Also launched some accessories geared players under this brand, such as headphones, water policies and keyboards.

A recent study showed that nearly 71% of the fans of video games prefer to download games digitally instead of buying the actual copy of these games. This was the notes and comments from the community are what make the company Lenovo decided to establish her own shop games computers Lenovo Legion Game Store.

There is a catalog featuring more than 200 game of the latest games computers available on the store Lenovo Legion Game Store. This includes the main games that have been launched recently like Fallout 76. There are also many games other possible to shop Lenovo Legion Game Store.

And Lenovo they are faced directly with many of the games developers and businesses to offer discounts and offers will not be available in other stores. Moreover, the company Lenovo is also developing stores in Lenovo Legion Game Store to provide the ability to experience new games that are still in the experimental stage for all players or for a limited group of them as desired by the developer.

Generally, store Lenovo Legion Game Store is available in some markets such as the United States of America as of today. The company has plans to expand the list of content and exclusive offers available on this store in the coming weeks.



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