Lenovo officially announced the phone Z6 Pro with hyper video price starts from $ 430

Announced that Chinese giant Lenovo is now on the phone by the representative Z6 Pro that comes with the hyper video with RAM up to 12 GB RAM with a price starts from $ 430.

Lenovo Z6 Pro

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Applies Lenovo Z6 Pro screen Super AMOLED characteristic size of 6.39 inches quality display of Full HD Plus with dimensions of 19.5:9, as the phone features a dialogue too skinny, featuring Chip Snapdragon processor 855 and memory random up to 12 GB RAM.

Also Lenovo offers this version with a technique of cooling the liquid with a precision of 5 nm, as characterized by phone Z6 Pro sensor key camera background accurately 48 mega pixel camera, besides the sensor accurately 16 mega pixel camera with lens viewing angles of 125 degrees, also comes sensor the second telephoto accurately 8 mega pixel camera, the sensor is a 2 mega pixel camera video.

Supports camera photography super macro at a distance of 2.39 CM, also features phone technology video recording and a new hyper, as used OIS with grow 6 axes and ToF to the side of the PDAF to install higher resolution and strengthen the support technology artificial intelligence, also supports the recording of video install more frames fixed up with a video recording during the movement.

It also comes sensor camera front accurately 32 mega pixel camera, featuring a phone Z6 Pro the previous generation of technology sensor fingerprint built-in screen, with the design and color graded with a 17-layer three-dimensional, also applies to this version with a battery capacity of 4000 mAh and fast charging with the charger the capacity of 27W, which supports charging for up to two hours of Run Games after charging for just 15 minutes.


It is planned to apply phone Z6 Pro from Lenovo in the colors black and blue, with the price of the 430 model possible memory random 6 GB RAM and storage capacity of 128 GB, or the price of $ 446 model possible memory random 8 GB RAM and storage capacity of 128 GB, the price is 565 $ model possible memory random 8 GB RAM and storage capacity of 256 GB, also applies to the top model for phone memory random 12 GB RAM and storage capacity of 512 GB is priced at 744 dollars, the phone is available in 29 April in the China markets.


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