Lenovo is preparing a complete copy of the Huawei P20 Pro. The company has run out of ideas?

Lenovo is a popular Chinese company, which manufactures not only smartphones but also other equipment. In the budget segment laptops, for example, the company’s products occupy a leading position, and at the same time differ in their style, design, can not be said about smartphones.

Recently introduced Lenovo Z5 Pro looks in the style of smartphones, and quite pleasant in appearance. But for some reason the company decided the next device to do similar to Huawei P20 Pro. It looks like the new has not yet submitted to the unit of the company:

As you can see, it is almost a complete copy of the P20 Pro and Huawei Honor 2 Magic.

On the front panel of the new smartphone you can see the cutout, however, it is unclear what shape it will be. Rather, it is about the cutout in the form of drops. This option is a trend in the second half of 2018, but now on the background of the slider decision with a cutout does not look very modern.

Is it possible to justify the actions of Lenovo?

Of course. Huawei is the second sales company in the world after Samsung. The popularity of the company determines the interest of competitors to copy its products. In the case of Lenovo you have the right tactics, but at the same time not.

Correct it is the fact that it is recognizable design. Huawei P20 Pro is 45-50 thousand rubles. The Lenovo smartphone with the simplified spec, not so good camera will cost 2 or even 3 times cheaper. The essence of this proposal is to give consumers a recognizable design at a much lower price. And in this case, Lenovo’s policy is clear and logical. Consumers will be willing to pay less money and get a device that will be able to convey the feeling from the flagship P20 Pro.

If to discuss such tactics on the other hand, Lenovo can not be called a little-known brand, and such actions have a negative impact on the brand.

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