Lenovo introduced a smart watch with a sapphire crystal for $ 20

Chinese electronics manufacturer Lenovo has introduced their smart watch cost only $ 20. Unlike most competing solutions, the new product has a touch screen, which replaces the analog dial. Despite this, the device has a wide range of “smart” functions from pedometer to the sleep tracker and it has 12 months on a single charge.

Lenovo Watch 9 (so the manufacturer has dubbed his creation) comes in stainless steel two colors: silver and graphite. Dial, who was not destined to become touch-sensitive, protected a sapphire crystal glass with the degree of hardness of 9H, and not only prevents scratching, but also the ingestion of moisture when diving to a depth of 50 meters.

No electronic display not stopping the clock to act as a receiver of incoming messages. After synchronization with a smartphone Lenovo 9 Watch will vibrate, notifying you of incoming message or call. In addition, users of hours will have the option to remotely release the shutter of your smartphone camera with a simple gesture of shaking.

All the data about the user, receive clock, including a number taken during the day steps, calories burned and quality of sleep, sync via Bluetooth with a smartphone. The manufacturer has declared support not only smartphones running Android, but iPhone. Buy Lenovo Watch 9 in China will be March 23. The timing of release of new products outside the country have not yet been reported.

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