Lenovo has stolen a fan-made video to promote folding Motorola RAZR

It is no secret that Motorola is working on its own foldable smartphone. We have even seen images of this smartphone, but previously it was only speculation, and now it became known that Lenovo, whose “daughter” is Motorola, shared with the media a video showing the new smartphone is very similar to the RAZR. The catch is that this video was not made by Lenovo, and even Motorola, and one of the fans of the popular last of the company.

A month ago we saw the first leaked image, and though on them and you could see the hinges that connect the halves of the device together, the phone is always portrayed open. Now, in addition to demonstrating the foldability of the smartphone, this video also shows the features of the hinge mechanism when folding and teasing us with three possible colors: black, red and blue.

In the expanded state of the device matches what we saw on rendering last month, and the video samples correspond to patent the folding Motorola phone, which we also saw earlier. But as the clip lasts only 33 seconds, it still leaves many questions open.

But more interesting in this story is that when the 30-second teaser trailer was shown to media representatives during the group interview, he was accompanied by the Lenovo logo. It later emerged that the company used a video from a fan, which was uploaded on YouTube on February 9 under the name “Motorola RAZR 2019 — Introduction & First Look!” and represented it as your own. A videotape that showed Lenovo was actually a thread that was created before technoblogical by Waqar Khan (Waqar Khan). According to Khan, he did not give generic permission for the use of the created conceptual images.

We don’t know when the device will be announced, launched on sale or how much it will cost, but the fact that Lenovo used to demonstrate the media, other people’s renders, it makes one wonder whether folding or RAZR, the company just enjoys the attention of people who are nostalgic for the beloved phone. According to the publication The Wall Street Journal, the price of Motorola RAZR if it ever comes out, may amount to $ 1,500. This is almost $ 500 less than the Galaxy Fold. If Motorola will make the device that will evoke a sense of nostalgia in the original RAZR, and will be able to avoid serious flaws in the design, it will have a competitive advantage.

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