Lenovo decide the official unveiling of the phone Lenovo Z6 Pro Day tomorrow, Wednesday


The company Lenovo suspense phone Lenovo Z6 Pro at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019, which was held late last February in Barcelona, Spain, but we couldn’t see the phone. Now, he turned vice president of Lenovo, Mr. Chang Cheng to his account official on the social network of Chinese Weibo to indicate that it will be unveiling officially about this phone tomorrow Wednesday 27 March.

It seems that Lenovo will focus on the new flagship phone on the capabilities of the camera by relying on the sensor the Hyper Vision which is a leap forward in video and audio quality. Unfortunately, there is not yet any clear indication of what the sensor can Hyper Vision offered to us.

Regardless of the advanced camera, the phone supports Lenovo Z6 Pro also 5G order not to lag behind. There is also speculation that it will launch non-compliant with the 5G networks of the phone Lenovo Z6 Pro in the month of April next.

In the case if you don’t remember that, the company Lenovo last year launched phone Lenovo Z5 Pro with processor Snapdragon 710, while Lenovo Z5 Pro GT first phone comes with a processor Snapdragon 855, and with up to 12GB of RAM. Although rumors suggest not to launch the phone until June next, and in spite also of we do not know the official price of this phone, we are excited to see what you would say to US, company is Lenovo with their new phone on Wednesday.


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