Lenovo anticipation for the coming of the phone Lenovo Z6 Pro with camera with 100 megapixels

Lenovo Z5 Pro

Do you remember the press conference alien held by the company Lenovo at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 earlier this year? Well, it turns out now that the camera which is a real thrill for me is not the Chinese company which will arrive with the phone Lenovo Z6 Pro would accurately 100 megapixels, which would make the smartphone the highest accuracy in terms of the camera at all.

There are not yet any indication on the phone itself, but the deputy CEO of Lenovo decided to thrill the phone on the network Chinese social Weibo by using the hashtag translates to 100 megapixels. It should be noted that we did not surprised much, after hearing us, he hinted Qualcomm earlier this month that smart phones equipped with cameras, which report the accuracy of 100 megapixels will be released later this year.

Anyway, don’t talk too much because manufacturers sometimes sold in their marketing campaigns. Thus, this could just be a marketing campaign tricky again, who knows? Anyway, we hope to get some information in the near future.


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