Lenovo announces the official launch date of the phone Z6 Pro perspective

Revealed the company Lenovo on the official release date for its product, Lenovo Z6 Pro, where he announced that on the 23rd of the month of April, you will witness the launch of newer phone the police, through the conference in the capital of China, Beijing.

Lenovo perspective

Recent days have witnessed about side several, on a Lenovo phone talk Z6 Pro, while the company explained the Chinese famous before, that the phone will be during the month of April, now came the ad in the phone officially to the public, on the 23rd of the same month, and during the conference will be held in the country of origin.

The announcement came from the official who witnessed the launch of the latest Lenovo phones, Z6 Pro, through a short video clip, introduced through the social networking site of China, Weibo, and certainly through on the support phone processor Snapdragon 855 SoC.

The design of the Lenovo Z6 Pro

لينوفو تعلن عن الموعد الرسمي لإطلاق هاتف Z6 Pro المنتظر

It is obvious from your images phone Lenovo Z6 Pro, enjoy a distinct design, the change on the screen of his notes, and with earpiece on the top edge, but with the situation in mind the possibility of a nutter on the phone, did not show his bass in black.

Enjoy the back of the phone Lenovo, with a perfect finish, as it looks and it comes covered with glass, as well as indicate the title of the latter to the presence of each of the button images of the ministry operating on the right side of the phone, with the paint button in red which is perfectly in line with the overall design of the phone.

It is worth mentioning that the pictures revealed by the Lenovo before, explained phone Z6 Pro on only one camera at the back, with support has different features, among which feature Super Steady Shot image stabilization, as well as feature Super Night View, which helps to capture images even in the Times or inappropriate places, such as those that lack of lighting in the evening.

Suggest some tolerance of the other to the advent of the telephone Z6 Pro from Lenovo, with the support of networks 5G, which it seems like she’s gradually dominate the phone market, especially in the current year, the phone comes also with a scanner for fingerprint, and the ability to output images with 100 MP.

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