Lenovo add laptop too skinny to Series Thinkpad

لينوفو تُضيف لابتوب نحيف جداً إلى سلسلة Thinkpad

Added Lenovo device note book of a new series by the Thinkpad, the two Thinkpad P1 and P72. Where P1 and smaller than laptop previous, a thickness of 0.72 inches and weighs about 1.7 kg, and 15.6-inch screen Hd resolution of 4K.

With the device by the screen of the “graphics” of the series Nvidia Quadro P. for the processor it will be the second generation of Intel Series core or Xeon, which speed up its frequency to 4.6 GHz powered memory random 64 Giga byte storage capacity of 4 terabytes.

And it seems that this specification makes heavy-duty hardware to carry out tasks to save documents and video calls video efficiently, the price starts from 1949$.

While P72 imposes itself as an alternative for the desktop suitable for travel, enjoy with a storage capacity of optional up to 16 terabytes, and the random 128 GB.

Can screen size of 17.3 inches supported by screen NVIDIA’s Quadro P5200, for the processor it is similar to P1 with the ability to upgrade the Processor to core I9.

And its price is 1799$ similar to the P1, because it does not have 4K, as well as the weight heavier as it weighs approximately 3.4 kg. Will be available to all devices in markets with the end of the current month.

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