Lego has released Aston Martin DB5 James bond

The Lego company has introduced a new model of the Creator Expert series – the Aston Martin DB5. That car drove James bond in “Goldfinger”.

The size of the replica Aston Martin DB5 – 340x120x100 mm. the Car consists of 1295 parts and boasts of different “spy” devices.

As in the movie, toy DB5 is equipped with two machine guns, operating ejection seat, “bulletproof” shield, rotating license plates, knives for cutting tires and special wheels.

Under the hood of the DB5 is row six, the cabin display system tracking a phone for communication with the “center” and the dashboard.

The cost of the Lego versions of the Aston Martin DB5 is $149.99. Members of the Lego VIP program will be able to purchase the set starting next Wednesday.


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