Legendary engineer for AMD joins Intel

AMD Ryzen

Confirmed Intel that they have teamed up with Jim Keller, and that the function of the Vice President of Engineering division of silicon in the company. For those who don’t know, Jim Keller has worked twice with the company AMD, where he developed the first processors Athlon which made the performance perfect in its era, and returned to the company for the development of the processors when the work on the architecture of Zen modern, and that the resulting processors Ryzen which brought back AMD into competition again.

Jim Keller was working with the company, Tesla’s Vice President of self-driving and low voltages, and that the Jim Keller has the right of Braga Kodori chief architect of AMD Radeon the former, and who had also joined the Intel Corporation, and has noted a new report from Forbes that the duo will work with. Jim previously worked also with Apple, on processors A4 and A5.

In this regard, stated Dr. Murthy Renduchintala President of technology at Intel:

Jim is one of the most respected of designers and architecture microprocessors and is the owner of vision window, and is another example of the talent and technology that lead Intel to combine.

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