Lecce cooperate with the DOE to manage the food delivery

ليتشي تتعاون مع دووك لإدارة توصيل الطعام

How do we experience in the world of foods? That was the question the founders of the app when they want to enter the world foods in a new way, unconventional. Their journey started to attract more families to the region skills and mastery in the manufacture of foods and worked with them for making a range of dishes with a sense of artistic content or the so-called Artisan Food. Thus was born the Lecce.

The problem



Wasn’t the process of making this type of food and guide the chefs. the details of the dishes easy, but what was the most difficult of them is the management of the operations of shipping orders to customers. Lecce offer foods in a distinctive way, so she wanted to focus on the completion of the financing set service delivery in an accurate manner professional. When the idea of the founders of the app in detail, they found it is not like other operations in the same sector such as restaurants, such as where the driver demand from the restaurant -a place to prepare food – and head to the customer directly without any additional steps. On the contrary, there are more steps in their operations logistics more complicated as there may be more from the point of receiving a different request of the customer because the kitchens preparing food and also there are specific times of pick-up and delivery. Not only that, it was very important that the process of follow-up and monitoring of the processes and drivers available to service the customers they have to answer the questions sign to be processed and connect the largest number of applications is easy and simple.

And like any business, the idea of tension was present in the planning of the founders of the first day where the progress of Lecce, its service is not in the scope of the neighborhood or city, but in cities and other states. So I had to create the technical infrastructure, operational, and this requires maps to advanced contains all the cities, neighborhoods and streets and also the English language in addition to Arabic. Moreover, you should be managing teams and operations delivery for each city or country is independent and not inform the team on the operations of the other teams so as not to interfere the functions of the daily operation and all under the control of director of operations delivery at the company.

After all, it was a question the founders is “you must measure the performance of the operations of the plug” because the money can be measured can not be developed. So the need for detailed real-time performance of the operations of the delivery to the company as a whole and each team and driver on the limit was important. This certainly will be the director of operations and delivery a closer look at the nature of the problems that you get to know her and also a Citizen report of its application.

The solution with the DOE



Instead of developing a system to manage the processes of conduction, which would be the company large sums and it will take a long time, the founders decided the company to use Doe in the knowledge that it meets all their requirements and all their problems without loss of material or loss of times.

It was the beginning when the company started linking of systems through the application of the user interface of the APIs where the company are the operations of processing the request since it is sent by the client until the expiry of the delivery process. Operations automation this starts with sending the request assigned to the driver via a change of status of applications the possibility to send alerts to workers when the state changes and the possibility of follow-up delivery driver by the client and are submitted after the end of the process. All of this was not to be lol that the system Doe provides programming interfaces APIs a very powerful and flexible because this is something essential to offer a distinctive experience to the customer.

Since then, noted the founders developed and too large in the efficiency of operations and customer service to provide all the characteristics that will help them on that. Because of raising the level of efficiency of operations, managed to Lecce reducing the costs of operations and delivery to nearly 30% compared to before this is considered a very significant development in the industry. Thus, Doe is part of providing that experience possible for customers of Lecce.

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