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تعلم اللغة الانجليزية

Gladly we present here the application that satisfaction of the sentence has been evaluated to release the number of downloads exceeded the process.

What distinguishes the program “learn English” and interview the first choice for both users of the phones running Android
– The program is inclusive of everything, where you’ll find all you need to be a rookie or the average or even advanced level, as well as simplified in Arabic fits all levels.
– The only one who supports his lessons to the right by a real person unlike other software which used the pronunciation of the Divine of your phone, which lacks precision as to
Close the risk of the letters in the word unclear or improper, and thus reflected negatively on the tone that you will acquire during learning and as English I don’t recommend it at all.

What is the benefit of to learn English and can’t understand what they say to you, the owners of the language?
– I’m a Maemo device program “learn English” is that it offers you the English real which you will hear in the street or at work or in the movies where he used the phrases, terminology, dialogues that people use Public Television during the practice of their daily lives .

Is the program “learning English language” renewed in its content?
– Absolutely freezing. where is the extra classes sections new almost daily and all lessons are translated to work and backed by health, which includes many departments,rules, sounds and vocabulary phrases, terminology and synonyms, conversations, and tests of immediate actions and a lot to you can be able to the English language quickly shortly, this program will help you to speak English as soon as possible.

The program has been developed particularly to help you and in this language, which became an urgent necessity in present times is a full course for teaching English for beginners powered health, state of hear the correct English pronunciation of the word press on them and you will be better.

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Additional benefits of the program

The program contains a huge number of English phrases which are most important to build a strong base and it is true in this global language most used in daily life
The sound quality is very high, taking into account the speed of the pronunciation of the phrase,
All phrases were recorded by a speaker of a human specialist.
The translation of all these phrases and examples found in the lessons of the rules into Arabic to be of interest bigger so that they understand the meaning and correct pronunciation .
Close the audio lessons supported by the questions encountered her in order to learn how to ask and how to be the answer.
The program supports the Arabic language fully and need to connect to the internet.

Sections of the program “learning English language”

1 – Department rules : where you’ll find a detailed explanation of all topics supported by images
2 – section of the finger : a full explanation of injury
3 – the terminology section : months of the terminology and its use
4 – Section vocabulary : everything you need to build a stock of linguistic and strong, discreet and powered for the correct
5 – Section ferry : has been added to many of the English phrases representing different aspects of daily life
6 – Department conversations : added many English conversations-backed tests and Keywords
7 – section synonyms :additional synonyms are the most important in the English language
8 – Section irregular verbs : 134 do is the most important.
9 – Video Section : tutorials annotated health and health and in Arabic so you can read the lesson the first lessons of the rules and then hear the pronunciation through lessons supported health and then watching the video in this way will send information in your mind forever.

App from Google Play Store

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