“Leaky” screen “Bang”, frameless, or folding screen: what smartphone would you imagine?

Over the past six months in the design of the smartphone happened, it seems, more changes than over the last few years. We finally saw foldable smartphones and the real flexible displays, instead of the annoying “bangs” fully frameless devices and a lot more interesting. But what can be “perfect” smartphone of the future? Which trends will become dominant? And what of the new technologies would like to have in your new smartphone is you?

Of course, it should be noted that any changes in the appearance started with a “Bang” iPhone X few years ago. Decision, frankly, ambiguous and quite enthusiastic, but not all. However, this marked the beginning of a series of changes. For example, “leaky” screen Infinity-O in smartphones from Samsung and even a bunch of similar solutions from other manufacturers. This approach allowed, at least, to refresh the concept of appearance and to add more working space on the smartphone screen.

In parallel with this trend we came up with the fashion and full bermocoll. Not “almost” frameless “device”, and the tough decisions on similar subjects.

Also in 2019 we will finally see the real folding phones from several manufacturers. Yes, initially the price is a little high (over $ 1,500 according to preliminary data), but the competition in this market will lead to lower cost in the future when you post, of course, that such gadgets will be in demand.

Do not forget about other exciting developments like fingerprint scanners, built-in display, the technology of bone conduction, which allows to dispense speakers, incredible cameras are approaching the quality of pictures to this mirror, and so on. In General, let’s find out what kind of technology would you personally see in your “perfect smartphone of the future.”

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