Leaks then the sudden appearance of … the disclosure of the specification of the phone Oppo Reno

Leaks then the sudden emergence of cross-platform Communications Authority of China, reveals all about the design and specifications of the phone Oppo Reno, awaiting release in the next month.

The latest phones are OBO

تسريبات ثم ظهور مفاجئ.. الكشف عن مواصفات هاتف Oppo Reno

In a time where users from around the world, the official version of the latest phones, the Oppo, which bears the name Oppo Reno, and not the tenth of the month of April next, there were some leaks are described for the design of the smartphone, before everyone finds out specs, following his appearance through the Communications Authority of China, TENNA.

Detection TENNA on the latest phones OBO, style number PCAMOO as well as PCATOO, where it turns out that a version for Oppo Reno work across processor Snapdragon 710, next to a copy of another work by Snapdragon 855, explained TENNA a number of other specifications of the phone, refer to it now.

Specification for Oppo Reno

تسريبات ثم ظهور مفاجئ.. الكشف عن مواصفات هاتف Oppo Reno

Comes Oppo last through the 3 different options, the first option in the random access memory of 6 GB storage 128 GB, the second memory access to the same capacity up to 6 GB, next to the storage space of crucial 256 GB, shows a second option via the Random Access Memory offers 8 GB and storage space of 256 GB, and like its predecessor.

Need phone for Oppo Reno on the AMOLED screen, with an area of 6.4 set-up, and accurately 2340 * 1080 pixels, a different camera system according to the processing order in each copy, at the time of the alleged processor, Snapdragon 710, the 2 camera in the back accurately to 48 mega pixels and 5 mega pixels, camera selfie and video calls accurately 16 mega pixel in the front, it seems expected that the phone comes the owner of the system Snapdragon 855 3 cameras in the back, in addition to the liquid cooling technology, the card of the bigger size at a speed charging 50W, and knowing that the battery capacity is as advertised so far $ 3680mAh.

Waiting for you to believe the Oppo is a newer version of the phone Oppo Reno, in order to support the network of the fifth generation, in parallel with a version for Oppo Lamborghini, RAM 12 GB, storage space to 512 GB, in addition to a battery with a capacity of 5000mAh, is expected to reveal the price with the phone version officially, no later than the tenth of April next.

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