Leaks reveal some specifications of the Galaxy M40 Samsung

I still have Samsung some ads associated with smart phones, monitoring phone Galaxy M40 in the leaks published via the Wi-Fi alliance recently.

Samsugn Galaxy M40 Wi-Fi certification

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Phone another the perpetrator of a series of Galaxy M from the Korean giant, after the company recently announcing new versions of a series of Galaxy A phones Galaxy A80 Galaxy 20e can Samsung now to launch a version of the last of its phones available in the series of Galaxy M.

Has been monitoring the Galaxy M40 in a database the location of the Wi-Fi alliance, where it comes into the database, entitled SM-M405F/DS, which is the symbol of the user from the giant Korean series Galaxy M, which is scheduled to apply this version Android 9 Pie, with Wi-Fi a/c.

Projections indicate that the Galaxy M40 will come in a bigger size of the screen of the M30 which came size of 6.4-inch display also comes with Super AMOLED display.

As projections indicate that Samsung is offering this version with a microchip processor Exynos 7904 that came out also phone the M30, with the Outlook Settings three for the rear with the sensor 13 and 5 mega pixel camera with lenses, wide-angle, the sensor 5 mega pixel camera to support depth perception.


I know of

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