Leaks reveal plans to OnePlus for the official announcement from OnePlus 7 on May 14

Use the OnePlus to launch phones OnePlus 7 in the 14 of the month of next May, which is revealed by the leaks Illustrated published new today.


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Attracts versions of the WAN plus the next many lights in the recent period in anticipation of the announcement of the official versions of the company for the year.

The report has been recently published plans for OnePlus to launch three versions of smartphones this year, comes the first release for OnePlus 7, while the company offers top version known as the OnePlus 7 Pro also use the OnePlus to launch its first release of the feature phones that support networks of the fifth generation.

I have confirmed the leaks published through Ishan Agarwal on that OnePlus will be held its next conference on May 14 for the official announcement about the possible versions of this year’s phones from OnePlus 7.

Also in accordance with the arrangements that were previously published are expected to apply phone OnePlus 7 screen AMOLED characteristic size of 6.5 inches, it also has a chip Snapdragon processor 855 with RAM up to 12 GB RAM, the storage capacity between 128 and 256 GB.

The phone also comes with the settings a three-camera rear sensor with a key strictly 48 mega pixel camera, and 20 megapixel sensor and a third accurately 16 mega pixel camera, while camera selfie accurately 16 mega pixel camera, also featuring a phone battery capacity of 4000 mAh with fast charging technology of the charger capacity of 44W.


I know of

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