Leaks reveal new additions for the iPhone XR

Revealed some leaks that Apple has launched two new colors for the iPhone XR will show up during this year, to replace the two options for the issuance last year of the smartphone, the iPhone XR is the first iPhone since the 2013 iPhone 5c offers options to buyers beyond the traditional colors such as black, white and gold, so that in addition to the black and White has appeared the current version of the smart phone in other colors such as yellow, coral and blue.

The colors of the iPhone XR new

تسريبات بشأن إضافات جديدة لـ هاتف iPhone XR في 2019Leaks on the new additions to the iPhone XR in 2019

Expected to continue phone iPhone XR this year in providing unconventional colors, it will replace the current options coral and blue green and Lavender (Purple), but the options of the other four colors of the current will still be there, and it is not surprising that the Add company Apple new colors for the iPhone XR in 2019, where this feature was used prominently as one of the marketing tools of the smart phone before it has already succeeded.

So far there is no confirmation or news about the colors that will be used by Apple from the current in the two new, as well as the study of colors that will add them, with that many felt that he had the phone appears in bright green color is attractive, however, there is no indication for sure of it.

It is rumored that the iPhone XR 2019 resembles its predecessor, with a screen size of 6.1 inches and the edges thin, however according to reports, there will be a big change in the back of the smartphone in the form of a dual-lens camera new.

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