Leaks reveal about the sizes of phones, the Samsung flagship for the year 2019 most notably the Galaxy Note 10

The strategy of Samsung in the last few years is to launch three phones in the top two Galaxy S and S+ and Galaxy Note, There are expectations that this number increases to five phones and a leader in 2019, and since the present time there were some leaks by The Ice , Universe, reveal the sizes of Samsung phones leading next to us in the next year.

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Where he showed the leaks that the Galaxy Note 10 comes widescreen compared to 6.75 inches, which means it will be slightly larger than the screen Galaxy Note 9 currently available, although the trough, but its bigger than the Galaxy S9+.

As for the series Galaxy S, the Galaxy S10 law is expected to come with a screen size 6.66 inches, will be accompanied this phone both the Galaxy S10 Edge screen size by 6.11 inches, and the Galaxy S10+ screen for its 6.44-inch display.

As for the major, The Last of the series Galaxy S10 is Galaxy S10 Lite which is smaller and cheaper too, where the screen will come for its 5.75 inches, is expected to be announced about the series Galaxy S10 at an event on 20 February next year, as for the date of the announcement Galaxy Note 10 there is no about information yet, but is expected to be announced in early August.


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