Leaks related to mobile two Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro continues its flow to the site


We have seen in the past the two phones Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro in a range of places on the internet, the last of these places the Amazon store in Italy, and the official website to buy Huawei in the Netherlands. However, if you think that the leaks related to these two phones will stop here, then you are mistaken because these two phones is noon right now in both Norway and Belgium. The beauty of it is that these leaks have confirmed to us the validity of the specifications that have been leaked in the past week, but we now have additional details about the price.

And for the mentioned price, it has revealed to us new leaks that the phone Huawei P30 will be starting from 6990 NOK, which is equivalent to 720 euros, while the phone will Huawei P30 Pro starting from 8990 NOK which is equivalent to 933 euros for people, which includes 128GB of internal memory, and the price to the equivalent of 1037 € to people that includes 256GB of internal memory. Although it is not noted, it appears that pre-orders for these phones come free with a smart watch Huawei Watch GT.

Was to retrieve a set of images of these from Google Images. Managed Huawei Belgium removed the pages, but the pictures are still learnable using some keywords. However, they do not reveal anything new, they only prevent people believe that Huawei can not cope with a large number of staff and partners in all over the world and to prevent diversion of its phones before the official launch a few days.


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