Leaks point to Google’s plans to track the location and activities through the Now Playing

Monitoring of the developers of the XDA code in the new update services Pixel Ambient refers to Google’s plans to start tracking the site and user activity through the Now Playing.

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Use Google to improve Google Now Playing according to the arrangements came across a developers of XDA, where the monitoring of the code in the update number (1.0.229715350) in the service of the phones Pixel, confirms that the feature is Google Now Playing will enter the track site and user activity.

I have provided the Google feature Now Playing for the first time in the phones Pixel 2, where this feature works to listen to the music surrounding the user and to distinguish them and compare them to the database of Google are the most popular, has Google made the update for this feature with the launch of the Pixel 3, where he developed feature to save and store tracks that are recognizable.

Recall that the water now still in the stage of inspection at the moment, so I can’t stress the time of payment of this update for Now Playing on the phones Pixel.


I know of

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