Leaks: photos of the new Google pixel 3 and complete specifications

Shopping, what and anything that connects companies producing mobile phones these days, between the diversion of the fault of one of the developers of the phone to see leaked by one of the fitter my phone waiting for many, many more surprises about the new phones before the official announcement.

According to the trading day of the pictures the phone is Google ‘s new flagship “pixel 3” will come built in screen and will keep Google on the use of the rear camera lens one as we get back into their previous but this does not reduce the quality of the camera, there are previous “pixel 2” had you opened the lens one also, but he can’t appropriate all the phones hand the camera to think for them.

As for the edges of the screen they are considered relatively small, has spread to the leaked image of the phone on the photo-sharing site of the global “imgur” but before that a video has been leaked of the phone on the channel a Russian on YouTube the famous bearing the name “Android Police”.

Download set leaked images of the egg box, and Earphones in addition to a wall charger, is likely to have the phone PM glass which may provide the possibility of wireless charging.

The content box on the ear headphones, in addition to the plug Cable of the quality of the USB “C”, and from USB to audio output 3.5 mellie m manuals to use.

Has appeared the specification of the phone the new Google “pixel 3” on the program database to assess the performance of the famous “Lesotho”, you can have your phone screen quality “QHD+” accurately 1440×2960 pixels, the Processor production Qualcomm model “Snapdragon 845” 4GB RAM which are relatively few compared with this year, but as the return of our company to Google they deliver smooth performance, extremely potential not the top, thanks to its use of Android raw.

It is expected that the new phone in a double version with as the back of our apartment. the smaller will the “pixel 3” and Big Brother will carry the name of “pixel 3 XL” will be the official announcement of all the phone calls during Google’s conference day 4 of the month of October Next, and will make all the phone calls two with the newest version of the operating system of Google’s famous “Android”, which holds the No. 9 this time.

You can watch the video leaked on YouTube from the following link:-

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