Leaks performance phone Z5 Pro GT from Lenovo with the chip Snapdragon 855

Use Lenovo for the official announcement about the phone Z5 Pro GT soon, and leaks of AnTuTu revealed the performance of the new version with the chip Snapdragon processor 855 of the possible, where the settlement of the faster performance in smartphones until now.

Lenovo Z5 Pro GT -leak

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According to leaks AnTuTu is scheduled to come phone Lenovo Z5 Pro GT faster performance in smartphones, also made the phone the highest performance with the chip Snapdragon processor 855 in the tests of the benchmark, where the planning also performance of the iPhone XS Max with processor chip A12 Bionic.

I have been compared to the performance of the phone, Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Performance chip Huawei Kirin 980, to customers Exynos chip 9820 in the Galaxy S10 Plus in accordance with the arrangements published on the performance of the phone.

Recall that these results are still results oleh the phone before the official announcement of the Z5 Pro GT during the coming period, so we expect the results of the performance for the new versions that reach the market through 2019.


I know of

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