Leaks on the specifications of copy OnePlus 7 three including a copy of the fifth-generation

تسريبات جديدة حول مواصفات هاتف ون بلس 7 وون بلس 7 برو وكذلك نسخته من الجيل الخامس

We talked last week about the leaks about the work of the company OnePlus on the three different versions of the phone and the OnePlus 7 OnePlus 7 Pro as well as a special version Part V, to be today’s leaks of the new in-house specifications for the three with the weighting of the company’s announcement about the phone in May 14, next.

According to Pricebaba , which ever is highlighted on the exterior design of the phone, he pointed out that the version of the OnePlus 7 will be a screen measuring 6.4 inches with a bump a drop of water contains a front camera and protects the phone rear camera dual strictly 48 mega pixels in a manner similar to those found in her phone 6T McLaren.

Also it will sensor fingerprint built the network with memory random can be upgraded to 10 GB; in will be the his snare 855 is fitted with a battery with a capacity of 4150 mAh, the specification of the OnePlus 7 pro different in terms of screen size, it’s the biggest 6.64 inches-free extrusion with front camera pop-up three camera background accurately 48 mega pixel capacity of the big top with the lens Ultra Wide.

The second version will be similar to most OnePlus 7 Pro but will be the technique of the fifth generation as the Noah account OnLeak will be present mostly in the expected time of detection for the phone next May.

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